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The following are my tips for creating cute baby shoes.
I use white gum paste for the sole, the laces, the back tab and the bottom band of the shoe.

For the front of the shoes – the tongue, light blue part – I use a mixture of 25% satin ice fondant and 75% gum paste.

The contour of the shoe is made of blue Satin ice fondant.

Don’t forget…gum paste dries quickly! You’re better off cutting the pieces and only making one shoe at a time.

In the slideshow, the green lines on some images show you where to wet. I just use water. Be sure not to put too much water on them, otherwise the pieces will slip instead of sticking.

I prefer to install the laces when the shoes are on the cake because I often make a detached shoe and once it dries, the paste could crack when you move your shoe.

If you decide to make your shoes a few days in advance, place them on parchment or wax paper. I keep them sheltered from light and dust but not in a sealable container as the moisture created will make your shoes lose their shape.

On the template, you will need to cut for the right shoe: Part 1B (sole), part 4 (tongue), part 3 (contour of the shoe),

The white half circle, the laces, the back tab and the bottom strip are free hand cut part.

Baby Shoes

Here is my step-by-step slideshow (click here) and my printable templates to make the baby shoes.